Articles for June 2014

Using Google Analytics with your website

Google Analytics is an essential marketing tool for anyone with a website, allowing them to benefit from detailed statistics regarding their websites traffic. This free software can identify where your web traffic is coming from, so you can easily see which advertising methods are working for your business. For example if you are paying for a advertisement, you can use Google Analytics’s to see how much web traffic is generated from this. By installing this free software, you will gain powerful data for your business, that can be used to measure conversions and sales. Not only does Google Analytics allow you to measure your conversations and sales, but it also provides you fresh insights into how visitors use your site, how they arrived on your site and how you can encourage them to come back. As part of our Web Design Liverpool service we will install Google Analytics for you and show you how to use it effectively. 

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Frustrated with your computer or laptop?, let us repair it for you

Leave your computer or technology frustrations behind, and let us take care of the problem for you. Whether your need to speed up your computers performance, remove a virus, setup a wireless network, or just simply get your computer or laptop repaired, Merseyside Computer Solutions have the knowledge and experience to handle your issues professionally and to a high standard. It is often cheaper to get your computer or laptop repaired by us even if you require parts. If it’s not economically worth getting your computer or laptop repaired, we will tell you. Most computer’s just suffer from an virus infection or another software related issue, that cost just £30 to be repaired. We are based in Liverpool, and can be easily be accessed by public transport. So if you have a technology related problem, give us a call today.

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4 reasons why you should use social media

According to research by eMarketer, social media will have 2.5 billion users by 2016, which creates the perfect market for businesses looking to interact with customers and generate sales leads. There are many social media platforms available today including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn. With the majority of these user’s being on Facebook, it is essential to have a business presence on this powerful platform. Each of the Social Media channel’s offer their own paid advertisement programme to help you raise awareness of your brand, however this can be done free of charge by writing compelling posts which people would like to share and interact with. This blog aims to provide you with five reasons why social media is an absolute must for businesses today.

Social Media as a business marketing tool

Having a social media presence is known to help with your website’s rankings and is an important part of your SEO campaign. SEO is that magical algorithm that helps your website rank higher for Google searches with keywords related to your business. So by building an effective social media channel you will  market your business, generate sales leads, and interact with customers.

Generating sales leads

Social media can save you money by reducing the costs of generating sales leads. It is also a good way to differentiate your business from your competitors, so you stand out in the already crowded market. However it is essential that you post regular well written, relevant and compelling ads which people would like to interact with. A well known effective marketing technique is to run competitions, that often results in more people following your business, creating a much bigger market place.

Improves customer service

Social media is often used by customer’s for pre-sales or support related enquires. Real-time communication can help make customers happy which in turn creates brand evangelists who drive positive brand sentiment. Social media is also a free way for customers to contact your business, saving them from expensive phone calls for general enquires.

An effective way of engaging with fans

Social media when used correctly is very effective in keeping your business or brand in the mind of your customers. This allows you to actively influence purchasing decisions and help to build customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases. It is therefore essential that you use the social media platforms that your target market will use.

Start building an effective social media campaign

Now that you have seen the benefits social media can bring to your business, you may be wondering how to use it effectively. That’s why Merseyside Computer Solution’s offer social media integration as part of our web design service. So as part of this service our web designer based in Liverpool will work with you to create a page for each of the main social media platforms, and show you how to better engage with your customers, generate sales leads and gain new followers.



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How to choose the right domain name for your website

A domain name is actually your website address and is one of the critical aspects used to determine your websites visibility across the web. It is essential that you choose a domain name that’s preferably identical to your company name or at least something similar. It is worth noting that once you purchase a domain name you cannot make any changes to it, so it’s important you choose the right one. In addition to this a domain name represents your company, so you need to choose one that highlights your brand. Once you have chosen a domain name, you need to buy it straight away, before someone else buys it, sending you back to the drawing board. If you choose Merseyside Computer Solution’s to design a website for you, we will help you choose a suitable domain name and set-up hosting as part of the service.

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Website design and SEO package

Website design and SEO are services that we offer to businesses in Liverpool, Merseyside and further afield. Every website we design and develop for our clients are optimised for search engines, improving its rankings for your chosen keywords. Merseyside Computer Solutions develop all websites in a content management system which is structured for maximum SEO benefits and allows you add and edit content with ease. In addition to this all our websites come with social media integration and assistance setting up hosting. To add further value to our clients SEO campaign our designer’s will help you build a blog that will drive traffic to your website and improve its rankings.

What is SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which is the process used to improve your websites rankings on search engines results pages (SERPS). By implementing a successful SEO campaign, not only will your website appear higher up in the ranking for your chosen keywords, but it will increase both your web traffic and sales leads. As part of our website design and SEO service we will work with you to build a successful SEO campaign, improving your websites visibility across the web.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

PPC also known as Pay Per Click is a well known internet marketing model, were the advertiser only pays when the advertisement generates clicks. The cost per click is defined by the advertiser, but you need to ensure you spend an adequate amount to appear on the first page. The amount you pay depends on your keywords quality score as calculated by the publisher. It is therefore essential that you optimise your pay per click campaign, so you can keep costing to a minimum while generating a good return on investment. The most widely used pay per click publishers are Google Adwords and Bing Ads, which also provide advertisements for Youtube, Yahoo and MSN. If managed correctly a pay per click campaign on both of these platforms can generate you a good profit, and works really well alongside your SEO. In addition to this both Bing Ads and Adwords usually offer special offers to new advertisers, giving you free credit to test out their services. If you interested in using pay per click, our website designer can help you setup this as part of our web design Liverpool service.

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Laptop repairs in Liverpool

Merseyside Computer Solutions offer a high quality laptop repair service across Liverpool at a fixed price. All our laptop repairs are carried out a no fix no fee basis and we aim to repair your computer or laptop with 24 hours. At Merseyside Computer Solutions we like to keep our customers up to date on the status of their repair, and we will always let you know in advance if you need any parts. We our highly experienced at fixing any computer or laptop problem, so give us a call today.

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What we offer across Liverpool

Merseyside Computer Solutions offer a wide range of professional IT services across Liverpool at fixed prices. This includes computer repairs and upgrades, computer health checks, virus and spyware removal, laptop repairs, web design, and digital marketing solutions. We specialise in working with domestic customer’s and SME’s and aim to offer a superb service. So whatever your IT requirements may be, give us call today to see how we can help.

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Get a new website for just £250

Need a website?

To promote your business, charity, band or hobby? Or even to freshen your image up? Get us to design your website and stand out from the crowd. Our web design Liverpool service is your ultimate solution to promote your business online and attract sales leads. All our website’s are action packed with features such as:

  • A tailored website package to suit your specific needs
  • Premium content management system
  • Advanced search engine optimisation for increased traffic to your site
  • Domain name & website hosting support
  • Social media integration

All this for the special price of £250, so give us a call today and ask about our web design Liverpool service. We will then work together to create a detailed web design brief and arrange a time to discuss the project in more detail. You can learn more about our web design Liverpool service.



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Computer and laptop repairs in Liverpool

Is your computer or laptop in the need for a repair?, Merseyside Computer Solutions are offering our computer repair Liverpool service for just £30. We do not charge a call out fee and we operate on a no fix no fee basis. The only additional charge you may need to pay for is the cost of any parts and that is only if you need any. It is worth noting that most computer and laptops that we get in for repair, are software related, requiring no parts at all. So if you are interested in our computer repair liverpool service, give Merseyside Computer Solutions a call today.

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Is your computer or laptop running slow – Computer repair Liverpool

Do you have a computer or laptop that’s running slow, keeps crashing, or displaying annoying advertisements while your browsing the internet. If so Merseyside Computer Solutions have the perfect solution for you. Our computer repair Liverpool service operates on a no fix no fee basis and aims to get your computer working at its best possible performance within 24 hours. You can arrange to drop off your computer or laptop at our premises or we can come and fix it at your home or business. Merseyside Computer Solutions offer our computer repair service across the whole of Liverpool, and have a fixed price structure. So if you have a computer or laptop that needs to be repaired, give us a call today to book an appointment that’s suitable for you.

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