Hard disk error repairs

Hard disk errors occur when the computer operating system files become corrupt due to bad sectors on the computers hard drive. It can often be fixed without any parts, and our computer repair Liverpool engineers usually fix these problems the very same day. Our staff have access to specialist tools that recover bad sectors on your hard drive, fixing any software problems you may have experienced. If your computer has been suffering from lots of disk errors in the past, your hard drive may be ready to fail. So please backup your personal files, or ask one of our friendly computer repair Liverpool engineers to do this for you.

Bad sectors

Hard disk errors can be caused by two different types of bad sectors those being “physical” and logical”. A physical bad sector is a cluster of storage on the computers hard drive that has been physically damaged and cannot be restored. This is usually caused by someone touching the mechanics of the hard drive, or even a collection of dust that has built up on that particular sector. Please note you can still use all other sectors of your hard drive for storage. Logical disk errors on the other hand, is a cluster of storage that appears not to be working, but can often be repaired without any problems. This type error is often caused by the computer crashing, not shutting down properly or even a windows update that hasn’t installed correctly. Our computer repair Liverpool engineers will fully investigate the problem for you, and use our specialist tools to fix the problem.

Causes of bad sectors

Your computer hard drive can contain bad sectors due to a variety of reasons including:

  • Your computer suddenly shutting down due to a loss of power i.e. a power outage.
  • Damage caused by viruses or malware.
  • Sectors on your hard drive that contain data but don’t match their corresponding error correction code.
  • The computer crashing.
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