Data transfer and backups Liverpool

When you buy a new computer or laptop to replace your old system it should be exciting. However once you realise you want access to all your old files and documents on your new computer it can be hard working out where to start. This is often a time consuming task and you may be stuck if you have a huge library of music (mp3) or other digital content downloaded on the old machine. At Merseyside Computer Solutions we offer a file and folder migration service (data transfer) in which we will swiftly and securely transfer all your files and folders from your old PC to the new one. Our Liverpool based computer repair technicians are highly trained with proven experience, so if you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask them.

Data backups

Your computer can contain sensitive data like your personal finances, work, appointments, family photographs and more. Loss of your data can be a frightening thought. The result of data loss can be devastating, and the current state of technology means that a hard drive failure is one of the most common PC hardware problems. Backing up your important files and documents will protect you against the problems associated with data loss in the event of your hard drive failing. At Merseyside Computer Solutions we can create backups of your data allowing you to recover from any loss of data. We can also create a unique backup plan to your exact requirements, so all your important data is backed up automatically. We will schedule the backup process to start automatically at a time suitable for you, which could be daily, weekly or monthly depending on your needs.

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