Website design and SEO are services that we offer to businesses in Liverpool, Merseyside and further afield. Every website we design and develop for our clients are optimised for search engines, improving its rankings for your chosen keywords. Merseyside Computer Solutions develop all websites in a content management system which is structured for maximum SEO benefits and allows you add and edit content with ease. In addition to this all our websites come with social media integration and assistance setting up hosting. To add further value to our clients SEO campaign our designer’s will help you build a blog that will drive traffic to your website and improve its rankings.

What is SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which is the process used to improve your websites rankings on search engines results pages (SERPS). By implementing a successful SEO campaign, not only will your website appear higher up in the ranking for your chosen keywords, but it will increase both your web traffic and sales leads. As part of our website design and SEO service we will work with you to build a successful SEO campaign, improving your websites visibility across the web.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

PPC also known as Pay Per Click is a well known internet marketing model, were the advertiser only pays when the advertisement generates clicks. The cost per click is defined by the advertiser, but you need to ensure you spend an adequate amount to appear on the first page. The amount you pay depends on your keywords quality score as calculated by the publisher. It is therefore essential that you optimise your pay per click campaign, so you can keep costing to a minimum while generating a good return on investment. The most widely used pay per click publishers are Google Adwords and Bing Ads, which also provide advertisements for Youtube, Yahoo and MSN. If managed correctly a pay per click campaign on both of these platforms can generate you a good profit, and works really well alongside your SEO. In addition to this both Bing Ads and Adwords usually offer special offers to new advertisers, giving you free credit to test out their services. If you interested in using pay per click, our website designer can help you setup this as part of our web design Liverpool service.

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