Software installation Liverpool

Have you just bought new software for your PC or Mac, live in the Liverpool area, and you’re not sure how to install it? Or maybe you just want the latest software on your computer? Whatever it is we can put it on your hard drive and install the latest updates. If your computer keeps crashing we can even get your software back to how it was!. As part of this service we can:

  • Check your PC to make sure that your new software can be installed. If you require any upgrades to make the software work we’ll advise you on this.
  • Install your new software and register it with the manufacturer to activate your warranty.
  • Install any available updates and patches for your software.
  • Offer expert advice through our computer repair specialists based here in Liverpool.

Operating system upgrades

Do you currently have Windows 7 and would like to upgrade to Windows 8 without the added cost of buying a brand new computer? If so Merseyside Computer Solutions can help by upgrading your existing computer for you.

So give us a call today! to see how we can help.

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