Computer boot up problems

Sometimes you may find that your desktop computer wont switch on, or it fails to boot up correctly. This is often caused by your power supply unit failing, however one of our friendly computer repair specialists will diagnose this for you. You may ask, how does my computer switch on if the power supply is broken?, well sometimes the PSU can be partially working but not proving enough power for all your computer components. This is often the case when your computer suddenly shuts down when you are working on it. Although not all boot up problems are caused by a failing power supply unit, it could be just the operating system that needs repairing or it may be suffering from hard disk errors. However not to worry, our Liverpool computer repair technicians will perform a full computer diagnostic process carefully identifying your problem, and letting you know if you need any parts. Even if you do need a new power supply unit, these can be bought from as little as £20. As boot-up problems usually require a full diagnostic process, it would be advised that you drop off your desktop computer at our Liverpool office, and we will call you as soon as it is ready for collection. Our friendly computer repair engineers will also take the time to talk to you, and answer any questions you may have.

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