Windows re-install

Sometime’s when your computer or laptop is suffering from software related problems including viruses, it cannot be fixed without the re-installation of the Windows operating system. However this should be the last resort, and our highly trained and experienced pc repair engineer’s will try every available option to fix your computer without formatting your computer. Although even if nothing else works, and our computer repair engineer has to re-install the operating system, our staff are well equipped with the right tools to back up all your existing data and files, keeping it all safe. It is worth noting that most problems are actually fixed without the need for a Windows re-install. With our staff all living in the Liverpool area, one of our specialists are always available to assist you, at your home, business premises, or at our office. We are completely flexible, and can work around our customers, allocating them an appointment to suit.

What is a Windows re-install?

Re-installing the Windows operating system offers many benefits, such as reviving a slow performing computer by clearing out all the clutter and letting you start from scratch. By re-installing Windows your computer will restored back to its factory settings, removing all files, programs and settings that cause your sluggish computer or software related errors. Your Windows files are what make your computer work, so by completing a re-install any damaged Windows files will be replaced. These files are often damaged by viruses, preventing your computer from booting up, and causing it to hang at the OS screen. Our Liverpool computer repair specialists are able to assist you with any operating system errors, and can re-install Windows for you. But remember we will try every available option before we do this.

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