Computer maintenance

Our computer maintenance service is the perfect solution for keeping your computer in a good state of repair, minimising the risks of any hardware problems and keeping it running at its maximum performance levels. Our Liverpool computer repair engineers will clean the interior and exterior of your computer system removing any dust and debris from cooling fans, power supply and other hardware components. This is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a computer and is often missed by our competitors. By removing any dust and debris from the inside of your computer, you will be best protected from overheating problems which is the number one cause of computer failures. Your allocated Liverpool computer repair specialist will then defrag and clean your hard drive, minimising any possibilities of disk related errors and helping to speed up your computer. Finally we will then finish our computer maintenance service, by removing any viruses or spyware found on your computer and cleaning the systems registry. Your Liverpool computer repair engineer will then answer any other queries you may have and suggest any possible upgrades that will further improve your computer performance. If you don’t currently have any internet security installed, our Liverpool computer repair specialist can also best advise on the best solution for you, or even install a free one.

How often should this be done?

We advise that you give your computer a full health check once a year, keeping your system well maintained, running at its best possible performance and reducing any chances of hardware failure. Our Liverpool Computer repair specialist can also schedule a yearly reminder for you, so just ask. That way you will know when your computer is due in for a computer health check and can schedule a time to suit you.

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