Computer health checks Liverpool

Did you know your computer can benefit from an annual health check? We ask our computers to do a lot; play music and videos, edit our photos and let us surf the Internet. Over time your computer can become clogged with unwanted software, old files and even spyware and viruses. We offer the perfect solution for this, keeping your system in order and allowing it to run at its best possible performance. As part of our computer health check service, our pc repair technicians will clean up and remove unnecessary system files and start-up programs, defrag your system and check for any nasty viruses and spyware that might be lurking on your hard drive and remove them. Our Liverpool based pc engineers will ensure your computer is cleaned inside and out and we will give you advice on any possible upgrades you can make to improve your system performance further. If you do decide to upgrade your computer when getting a computer health check you will only pay £20 + parts.

At Merseyside Computer Solutions we want you get the most from you computer, so we designed a comprehensive Computer Health Check service which keeps your system in peak health. So as part of this fantastic service you will receive:

  • A comprehensive check of your computer’s hardware and software.
  • We will clean your system inside and out to remove dust which is the main cause of over heating problems.
  • We will clean up your system removing unnecessarily files and start-up programs.
  • Install any Windows updates.
  • Remove any viruses or spyware found on your system.
  • Optimise your computer for best performance.
  • Advise on any possible upgrades to further improve performance.

All this for the special price of £40, now that’s what you call a bargain!

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