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When your computer or laptop becomes infected with a virus you will usually notice that your computer becomes slow or keeps crashing, strange things start to happen, suddenly some files are missing or antivirus programs keep saying that they are infected. Our Liverpool based computer repair specialists are experts in the field of virus and spyware removal. You can rely on us to professionally clear your PC of any viruses! It’s not enough to run a virus scan and hope it clears, as a PC virus can sometimes be missed by your antivirus software or leave your PC in an unstable condition.Computer Virus image

At Merseyside Computer Solutions we use specialist software and advanced manual methods to remove the virus from your computer. As part of this service our pc repair engineers will perform a full security check of your computer, ensure you are using a reliable anti virus software package and configure your computer to safeguard against possible future infections. No one can guarantee your PC won’t be infected again in the future but with our skills and know how, we’ll make sure the risk is reduced. We will only return your pc to you when we are satisfied it’s clean and secure. So you can trust Merseyside computer Solutions to repair your desktop computer or laptop.

How Computer Viruses Work?

A virus usually hides inside another program or file and is generally delivered via the internet or email, the most common places people get viruses from are the file sharing networks limewire, edonkey, torrent sites or trying to download pirated music / videos. Most virus problems we get in for repair aren’t what’s known as destructive they are more of an annoyance, or are used to capture information from your computer e.g. bank details / personal information

What is Spyware?

Spyware is a piece of software that installs on your computer or laptop sometimes with, but more often without your permission. The purpose of spyware is to monitor your computer usage. This includes gathering information about your age, gender, and what websites you visit; this information is normally used for targeted advertising. Spyware may also be used to aid identity theft. It’s easy to see why with the current high profile of identity theft, that spyware removal is becoming a big thing. Spyware can be downloaded with file sharing software. If you use file sharing software like limewire etc you are at the highest risk of having problems.

If you think that your computer is infected with a virus, trojan or spyware,  give Merseyside Computer Solutions a call today!, and we will have your computer repaired in no time. Merseyside Computer Solutions are currently offering our computer repair Liverpool service for a bargain price of £30, which includes free AVG antivirus installation.

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