Computer turns itself off

A computer can switch itself off for many reasons including; overheating problems, computer viruses, issues with hardware, or even a problem with the operating system. However you can rest assured that our computer repair Liverpool engineers, will carry out full diagnostics, identifying the cause of your problem and rectifying it as soon as possible.

Overheating problems

One of the most common problems with computers and laptops today, is overheating which will cause your computer to shut down automatically. As computer technology advances and laptops become smaller, overheating becomes more of a problem. Most computers built today are designed to switch themselves off automatically if any of its components overheat, helping to prevent any damage. Our computer repair Liverpool engineers are experts at fixing overheating problems and will give your computer a full diagnostic test, identifying the problem and fixing it quickly. Most of the time this problem can be fixed without any parts, as your computer may just need a good clean inside and out, along with some thermal compound applied to the CPU. However even if this is not the cause of your computer problem, our computer repair Liverpool engineers will give your computer a free diagnostic test and let you know how much the repair will cost in advance, so you can decide if its worth getting it repaired.

Computer virus

Another common cause of your computer shutting down automatically, is a virus infection that is programmed to do this when certain conditions are met. If this is the case, our computer repair Liverpool engineers will use specialist tools to scan and remove all viruses from your computer and restore your windows registry if it has been damaged.

Issue with your operating system

Your computer may also shut itself down, if their is a problem with its operating system such as Window 8. If our diagnostics show that your computer is suffering from an operating system problem, our computer repair Liverpool engineers will normally backup your personal files and then restore the OS. Don’t worry if you have lost your computer repair disk, our team are well equipped with all types of operating systems.

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