Home networking, Liverpool

These days many families have at least two or three laptops or computers, and it can be beneficial to store images and files centrally, share printers and other devices, stream films or music to your TV or back-up your precious computer files. Our Liverpool based home networking service allows you to connect together various devices in your home such as computers, laptops, printers, smart phones, game consoles and media drives. This can all be done over a wireless network preventing the need for additional cables. With the correct equipment, you can connect and share music, movies, folders, drives and much more. Here at Merseyside Computer Solutions we listen to your requirements and develop a solution for you, all for the special price of £30 + equipment. We are able to offer this service across the whole of the Liverpool and Merseyside region.

TV MultiMedia playersWDTV media player image

Do you have lots of music, movies and other files on your computer, and would like a solution which enables you to connect these to your tv set? By having a multimedia player connected to your home network you can watch all your videos on your tv. So don’t settle for online entertainment on your small computer screen, get a multimedia player and you will be able to stream hit movies, catch up on TV shows, stay connected to your social network, and watch highlights from the biggest games of the season. Most of these media players come with a wide variety of apps for your enjoyment such BBC IPlayer, YouTube and Netflix. Merseyside Computer Solutions can help you choose the perfect drive and then connect it to your tv and home network. All our engineers are local based and live in the Liverpool area, so are never to far away to assist you with you computer networking.

So why wait!, give Merseyside Computer Solutions a call today and enjoy your media library, home videos, vacation slideshows, and favourite songs on your HDTV and sound system in your living room.

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