With over 70% of the UK population now being on-line,  it is essential that you have a business website, otherwise you will be missing out on a big opportunity to secure sales leads. In addition to this, if you get a well designed website with good SEO that effectively converts web traffic to sales leads, it will be the best and most powerful marketing tool available to promote your business. SEO will allow your website to rank higher on search engines such as Google, for keywords people use to find your business. So by implementing best SEO practises your business website will gain lots of high quality traffic, which a well designed website will turn to sales leads. SEO takes a while to take affect, so our Liverpool based web designers always advise that you work with us for at least six months, so you can see the affect. However once you get good results with SEO, you will be appearing in the natural results on search engines, so you will not be paying anything, reducing your business marketing costs. In addition to this most people now look on the internet when they require a service as opposed to local papers and directories, so it is crucial that your business is well marketed on-line. Another benefit of having a business website is that people can see it at any time, generating you sales leads even when you have finished work. So if you would like us to design a new website to help promote your business and generate high quality sales leads, give us a call today. We are based in Liverpool and our experts in all areas of digital marketing.

How much does a website cost?

Merseyside Computer Solutions are currently offering our web design service to Liverpool based businesses for just £250 which includes; SEO, a contact form with captcha technology reducing spam, a website designed to your unique requirements, social media integration, domain name and web hosting support and much more. We can also help you setup other marketing solutions as part of the service including, pay per click campaigns, social media advertisements, and general digital marketing advice. We want to help small local business to grow, so we will give you as much advice as possible to make this happen.

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