LinkedIn is a 300 million strong social network consisting of professional people from all types of industries. Its aim is to help you build your professional identity online, stay in touch with colleagues and classmates, and network with other professionals. By doing this LinkedIn allows you to connect to other professionals around the world, making you become more productive and successful. By creating a free LinkedIn account you will gain access to a network of professionals, job insights, news, updates and much more. However to gain full advantage of this platform, you will need to look at their paid advertising solutions that will help you build your network of professionals and gain sales leads.

What are LinkedIn ads?

Unlike other forms of advertising, LinkedIn is a self service solution used to create ads that will appear on prominent pages on the LinkedIn website. By showing your ads in the right place, and to the right audience you are more likely to gain sales leads from this 300 million strong platform. If you choose to implement LinkedIn ads, you will be asked to specify your target audience by job title, industry, location, age, gender and much more. Your ads will then shown in prominent pages to the people you have chosen to target, and when they click on your ad, they will be directed to your website. Similar to other social media advertising solutions, with LinkedIn you set a budget and only pay for the click and impressions that you receive. This makes it really beneficial to small business that have a small advertising budget and would like to target professionals in their local area. For example if you develop software for companies based in Liverpool, you can configure your advertisements to be shown to marketing directors in this area.

What the advertisements look like

The advertisements on the LinkedIn platform consists of a headline, featured image, description, and the url for your business website, encouraging people to click on it. It is therefore crucial that you take the time to identify your target audience, and then create a well written advertisement that entices people to click on it and buy from your business. To help ensure you generate as many sales as possible from this social media platform, you need to ensure you are directing people to the relevant page on your website which describes the service in more detail.

How to use LinkedIn

If you are interested in using LinkedIn advertisements your Liverpool based web designer will show you how to use the system and gain maximum exposure from this. Our web designers our highly experienced in this area, and will work with you to generate as many impressions, clicks and sales leads as possible for you.


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